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 Babysitting the Rich [D rank]

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PostSubject: Babysitting the Rich [D rank]   Babysitting the Rich [D rank] EmptyWed Feb 10, 2016 1:20 am

Name: Babysitting the Filthy Rich
Rank: D
Location: Magnolia
Client: A rich couple
Target: Their 3 kids.
Reward: 1000EXP and 3000 Jewels
Details: A rich couple are going off for a holiday to celebrate their anniversary. Meanwhile their kids are left under the care of ?????. Well anyone who wants the money. This is a fairly simple job in which all you do is look over 3 spoiled kids and tend to their every need. So simple right? Hey, money is money. Hey be sure not to kill the kids though no matter what they may do.
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Babysitting the Rich [D rank]
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