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Baal sat at one of the tables at the bar of the guild, seated opposite of a very rich and powerful man.  However, it was the man named 'Finger Gold' that sat there, sweating profusely, resisting the urge to look Baal straight in the eyes.  Baal sat upon the chair non-chalantly, with bad posture, and body-language that screamed that he didn't care for this man's presence.  Baal turned his head and yawned as Finger Gold started with the pleasantries.  

The man that sat opposite of him was a sweaty, fat man that had a bad habit of rubbing his hands together.  Baal noticed the nervous gesture over-and-over again.  Baal looked from the gesture up to the sweating pig before him.  "Spit it out, what do you want me to do?" he asked in an impatient manner.  

The man perked up for a moment and nodded his head.  "Well, you come from a prestigious family, so you know how it is.  Well, i want you to kidnap a child named Droob," the man stated before Baal stood up and pulled his cape over his right shoulder.  "I'm not done explaining!" the man said in a rather whimpering tone.  

"Keep talking, you sweating moron.  I'm just getting ready."

"Oh, right right.  Anyway, you'll find him at," he said before giving out the address.  Baal only stayed long enough to hear the address before walking off.  The sweaty man spoke up, "But he has--" before being interrupted with a hand gesture from Baal, as if he was waving it off.  "I don't give a shit.  I'll kidnap the little turd and bring it back here.  Sit tight, piggy," he said before moving off towards the town.

Shirotsume Town
Baal walked into town to notice that it was sparsely populated when compared to massive cities such as Era, Magnolia, or Hargeon.  Remembering the address that the fat slob had told him lead him to a small house, fit for a middle-income family.  "How quaint," he said before moving his hand up to his temples, summoning the visors over his eyes.  Thermal readings showed 4 grown people within the house and a smaller figure.  That figure must have been little Droob.  

"Whoever named that little brat, Droob, must really hate the little shit," he mentioned before clearing his throat and walked up to the door of the house.  With a little knock, he stood and waited.  There was a moment of silence.  Baal reached over and knocked on the door once more before the door opened to show a disheveled man peeking out through a small crack in the door.  "What do you want?" called the voice.

"I've come here to take Droob.  Give me the child and I'll spare your life," he said with a certainty.  His demeanor was relatively annoyed.  Placing his foot in front of the door, he stopped it from closing.  "Seriously, I'm too busy right now and I have other things to do, so give me the brat and I'll let you all go," Baal said before hearing the voice of the man shout out.  "Code 11!  Code 11!" A commotion stirred within the house before his arm began to turn into metal.  

"I guess you want to do this the hard way," he said before placing the metal hand upon the door, smashing the man between the door and the wall.  With a swift punch to the face, he knocked out one of the men.  In his hands, a giant blade appeared.  Kicking the door closed, he planted his blade into the man's face twice, hearing only nasty squishing noises.  Looking down at the unrecognizable mess, Baal sighed and walked through the house, dragging the bloodied blade over the wooden floor.  

Scraping could be heard as the blade dug into the wood.  Two more men could be seen brandishing clubs in their hands.  "Is that it?  Really?  You're joking right?  You'd probably do more damage hitting me with your dicks," he said in a mocking manner, causing the enraged men to charge at Baal.  Baal swung his sword upwards, slamming the flat-edge into one of the men.  One of the clubs came and smacked Baal's face.  The man continued to smack at Baal's face with the club only for Baal to finally block with the Technical Arm, deflecting the club back only for the blade to swing into the man's gut, knocking him down.

"I guess for the meager amount of money this family makes, they could only afford pitiful guards like you guys," he said before grabbing a hold of his sword in both hands and looked at the second man he attacked, raised the weapon up as high as he could without getting it stuck in the ceiling and let gravity do the dirty work.  He let the weapon fall on the flat side upon the man's face.  Sighing outwardly, he walked over to the third man and simply plunged the large blade into his throat, effectively beheading the man.  

Turning his eyes to notice the last guard standing in a corner with the child in another room.  He could see their temperature rising the closer her got.  Baal walked towards the door frame leading into the final room.  With a swift movement, Baal plunged his sword into the floor and held his left hand behind his back.  "Look, if you leave the kid alone with me, I'll let you go.  You aren't getting paid enough to do this, man.  I'll pay you to go away," he said causing the last man to spit on the ground.  He was shivering.

"I'll never let Master Droob die!  You were sent here by that," he said before Baal interrupted.  

"Yeah, yeah.  That fat pig.  Now you gonna let him go or not?"


Baal shrugged his shoulders before an item appeared in the hand he held behind his back.  With a fling of his index finger, the pin of the grenade was pulled out and Baal let the trigger pop off.  Taking a knee, Baal rolled the flashbang towards the man and spun around, turning his back to the wall next to the door.  The flashbang lit up, making the room illuminate with intense light.  With a swift movement, Baal grabbed the massive sword from the ground and launched it at the man, sticking the blade through the man slightly through the wall behind him.  

A shrill scream came from the child before Baal retrieved his weapon, moving the man's body away.  A look of annoyance came across Baal's face as he squatted down to look at the child.  The child attempted to hit Baal, but none of the kid's hits hurt any.  "Listen.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way.  If you shut up, I'll let you keep your tongue," he said.  The kid kept whining and whining.  Baal stood up and with a swift kick to the child's face, he knocked the kid out..

Back at the guild hall..
The child was bound up and there was intense bleeding coming from the child's mouth.  Baal tossed another object on top of the boy.  Looking thrilled, the man then noticed the strange item on top of the child.  He recoiled after realizing what it was.  "Well, that was fast.  Um, thanks?"  

"Now shut up, take the kid, give me the money," he said before a large bag was placed on the ground next to the child with the man taking the child and the.... item with him.  With a little groan, the man walked towards the bar, needing a stiff drink.

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PostSubject: Re: Superman [C Rank Job]   Superman [C Rank Job] EmptyWed Dec 16, 2015 3:42 am

A very interesting read! Loved the end. Good Job ^^

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