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Here at Fairy Tail Unlimited we pride ourselves on the diversity of strengths in our members. To keep that factor in play we are offering a limited time only Auto Ranks that members can apply for! However there are a few restrictions that you should be aware about.


  • Applicants must be active 1 month prior to applying.

  • You must Apply with your MAIN ACCOUNT, no alt accounts.

  • Applicants that are guildless may apply for ranks in any guild,  

  • If a Rank is received, and you drop from the guild, you will lose your Rank.

  • All auto ranks must participate in the activity checks until Rank is earned through a Rank UP of EXP.

  • Members may apply for Ranks available in their guild but will lose the rank if they leave the guild.

  • GM's that are not already S Rank may apply as well.

  • If your character already belongs to a guild, and you apply for a rank in a different guild, it may be approved, but characters only receive 1 free guild change. So hope you have not spent it.

  • There is no Minimum word count for RP Samples, but please remember you will receive what you earn.



  • S Rank - OPEN
  • A Rank - OPEN
  • B Rank - OPEN
  • C Rank - OPEN

Fairy Tail:

  • S Rank - OPEN
  • A Rank - OPEN
  • B Rank - OPEN
  • C Rank - OPEN

Blue Pegasus:

  • S Rank - OPEN
  • A Rank - OPEN
  • B Rank - OPEN
  • C Rank - OPEN

Phantom Lord:

  • S Rank - OPEN
  • A Rank - OPEN
  • B Rank - OPEN
  • C Rank - OPEN

To Apply:
Fill out the Application below and reply to this thread to begin the process of receiving your rank!


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Current Rank:[/b]
[b]Character Application/Tracker:[/b]
[b]RP Sample:[/b] Please provide a link to the RP sample off thread, do not post it here. This RP sample should contain the following qualities:
[*] How you obtained the power/exp/strength that boosted the 'rank', this can be anything from a trial, to a job, to a second origin topic, training, etc.

[*] If you are changing guilds, this sample will also be your guild intro.

[*] Show us how you play your character. The things we are looking for/are not limited to grammar, spelling, WC, script, fluid movement, character portration, & character development.

If you are denied for any reason, take it as constructive criticism and try again. The same goes for those that do not receive the rank they aimed for. Just keep Swimming~!

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Guild Ranks
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