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*This thread takes place before the GM disappearances*

Last night he officially completed each task set up for him to join this illusive guild,  His target was formidable, foreboding, and most certainly outclassed and overpowered Bando without so much as a second thought. The leader of this Dark Guild seemed to be obsessed with his own strength, and therefore cared little for the displays showcased by Bando, who made sure he only showcased the bare minimum of his potential, as to not arouse the curiosity of the elder mage. Upon further examination the jacket of the male seemed to rest snugly within his glass cabinent, here within the confines of his nicely furbished office. With the location of the ultimate prize finally known to him, he was dismissed from the presence of the great one, and he found himself sitting among the riff raff that comprised the group. One such minor group, a man with hair of gold and silver, another with locks of red, and the third bald, sat near him before the fourth member of their ensemble, a female with plump breasts and a vibrantly yellow mohawk, joined him. Quizzing him about his past and his intentions for the guild. A rather un-trusting lot, but he could respect their over-all vigilance.

"My father used to give me quizzes all the time before I really honed in on what my magic can do. Since you keep asking, yeah, I'm a user of Earth Magic, my father taught it to me before I gutted him and left his entrails splayed out for my mother to see. I'm not really one for questions." He smiled.

The rather hostile group seemed quite impressed by Bando's admissions to their questions, perhaps they felt as though he was weak similar to how he portrayed himself earlier to the Guild Master. Whatever the case it surmounted in the group easing up on their hostilities. Talking about missions they had done in the past and how dangerous encounters with certain Sabertooth guild members and Rune Knights had been in their pasts. Opulence seemed the key word here. Ban was clearly bored by the display of machismo stemming from this under-educated group. Though he noted that the female member of the quartet was awfully chummy with his leg, he'd not act upon it, withstanding the advancements for the sake of the mission. There was another whom he felt was more deserving of his affections, and so he fought against his perverse nature, only mildly flirting back to appease his own brain as well as showcase his lack of suspicious behavior. After a few rounds of sake, the bald male spoke about increasing their purse size, plopping a mission on the table and inviting Bando to participate. The mission's objectives and parameters sent a chill down B's spine. Yet he quickly stood, slamming his palm on the table and revealing a most atrocious grin of malicious intent.

"Sure, we can do that mission, I don't particularly think that our enemies should have a chance to recover. Plus, maybe if I pull this off I can get some play with some of our female members, if you catch my meaning har har." His tongue ran across his lips, in an almost ghastly fashion, indicating how comfortable he seemed to be with the prospect of cheap pick-ups: an excellent fabrication.

As the newly crafted team stood up, prepping themselves for the journey ahead, Bando quickly shifted his attention to the female member, leaning over and whispering into her ear, causing her to giggle at the suaveness that seemed to exude from his frame. He was quite the cordial figure, his chivalrous mannerisms the epitome of excess, although numerous aspects of his dress warranted such appraisals to be considered highly exaggerated and farcical. He readily applied the tools of the trade through verbal manipulation, that is to say, he lied quite a bit in order to ensure that his cover-story seemed believable. They trekked through the landscape of the guild, heading towards the last known location of those whom interloped upon this "hallowed" ground. If said proponents existed on the same plane as this faction, as criminals, then perhaps Ban would have been less hesitant about actually participating in this folly. Unfortunately, it was members of Titan's Nose whom interceded upon this domain. And that left the Earth Dragon slayer contemplating ways to spare them from total annihilation. Luckily for him, the investigation didn't take as long as he expected. There walked three mages, one with his T.N. symbol exposed. The hunt began in almost in instant.

"Don't let them get away, lets split up!" He chided the group, showing his enthusiasm, anticipating being stricken by more attacks than he planned on he cut out through the side trees as to split off from the main group whom engaged with the "enemy" faction outright.

All combatants involved in the scuffle seemed quite enthusiastic about the malicious nature of the encounter itself. What was thought to be three opposing obstacles equated to ten, a trap sprung by the enemy in a manner planned precisely to the letter. The four versus ten set-up was quite the spectacle, though these ten members were hardly C-rank, at most proving to be beginners in the field of magic, as anticipated in the mind of the crag-eater. The flurry of mystical energy cascading in bright vibrant elemental patterns showcased a form of lethal finesse Bando once found himself being a certified instructor of. Both sides railing into each other with murderous intent far beyond the scope of what Ban found to be acceptable. He'd route the enemies, finishing them off with punches and kicks, controlled shots at non-lethal locations of the physical anatomy, showcasing a capture vs kill mindset that his female companion noted. He wasn't aware of her facial grimace, and that this was ultimately against their orders. Some of the Titan Nose members were dead, the remaining six were daisy-chained together, lined up execution style. The wielder of the bald head approached them, point his index and middle finger towards the first survivors cap.

"I'll finish this lot off, you guys head on back. I'll catch up. I want to savor this." His eyes locked onto one of the soon-to-be victims, nothing but darkness seeped from them, it showcased that he was going to have some sort of sadistic fun-time with them.

His announcement startled the bald mage, who grinned wildly at the proposition, though she with the mohawk spoke out, questioning if he was capable of actually taking the life of another person. Much to the shock and curiosity of the group around him. The accusation was not anticipated outright, catching the tectonic wyrm off guard and causing him to second guess his former story he told. He did leave out any actual mention of murder, but that didn't really seem to control what happened next. Without so much as a word he threw his hand out and knife-chopped the cranium of the victim he had locked eyes with, temporarily knocking the man out-cold in such a brutal fashion that to the untrained eye it outright killed him. This was due to his strike's placement being in a place that allowed the breathing of a person to lock up instantly, without any chance to choke. Satisfied with his display of sheer brutality he with crimson strands decided to head back, his crew moving with him while the female looked on, shaking her head she walked off with her team as well. It was quite unfortunate that she was so observant, but Ban had an objective and would follow it to the letter. The bald man called backwards for Ban to meet them in the master's office to report success later.

"You all need to flee now, do not come back here again. I'll cover you all until you get past the clearing." He announced this as soon as the coast was clear, alerting the group so that they knew it was safe to move on from this location.

Her of course waited for quite some time, analyzing the movements of his fellow aligned guilders as they fled into the woods, hopefully to not be the cause of such stupid antics again. What the future held for those mages was unsure, but whatever the case he couldn't waste any more time. It took him about thirty minutes to reach his objective, looking cautiously at the members of the guild that seemed to go about their business without any problem what-so-ever. Entering the office of his Guild Master, it became apparent his team-mates didn't wait for him to report their success. In fact, the lone bald member seemed to show up after the fact, saying they collected the award and were chilling atop the guild-hall itself, having some sort of conversation for the next mission. Invited to join them he was quite weary, and as the Guild Master left to do his own business and the baldy headed upstairs, Ban striked, claiming the jacket as his own and putting it under his shirt, folded and tucked into the hem of his pants. He followed behind his team-mate, heading to the top of the large building with caution written on his face.

"So, you guys come up here often to hang out...uhh...what are all of you standing around like that for. What's going on guys?" His eyebrow rose as he looked upon the quartet, immediately realizing he had walked himself into a situation that he probably didn't want to be in, especially since the bald man in front of him turned and flipped the dragon over his shoulder, allowing him to land on his back in the middle of the group.  

Of course, words flowed like honey suckle from a splattered dew. Dripping like rain water from the tips of gutters downwards, cascading brilliant without impediment. They spoke of torture methods and methodical procedures used to extract information, yet he who laid on his back was less than impressed with this display of arrogance and bravado. Eyes closing for a moment, they shot open yet again, fixated on the male whom decided to use his martial prowess to uplift and flip this beautiful living boulder oer his shoulder. A look of malicious hatred and stark amusement adorning his chiseled well defined facial features.

"So if you've all known this entire time you know how this end's I do hope you've brought yourselves some body bags." He laughed to himself as he rose to his feet, looking around at the persons whom surrounded him, knowing this wasn't going to be hard to solve.

Immediately accesses the archives of martial arts tucked gently away within the confines of his tortured mental state, the ferocious fanged hero let his foot speak for him, reacting almost instantly with a full contact of sole and face, the bald man felt the crimson ooze glitter gently downwards from his nose faucet, spraying over the male's facial features. A solid kick indeed. Immediately did the magic start to fly outwards, ice and lighting skirting across the air-ways, yet through acrobatic prowess did only a few of those spells land flush, causing the dragon to reel back and become aroused, amused. Swinging with lefts and rights, penetrating defenses with uppercuts and heel kicks, elbows and knees. He fought through the quartet like a madman, taking his damage head on and without any care for his own physical being. Why bother using spells when you were a physical monster? He took some damage for sure, fifty-three points worth of damage. But his enemies laid broken and battered at the conclusion of his assault. He hit pretty hard, came with his enhanced strength really. Looking down on the four victims, he'd place a solitary kiss upon the cheek of the female member, before taking off down the stairs. Upon making it to the main hall, despite being bloody, he took a job off the wall that read strangely...talking about unlife and creatures.

"I guess I'll have to send this back to the master, if these rumors are true I've somewhere important to be." He nodded as he headed to the ship that brought him here, there would be some time for him to get away, and away he would get.

-[Exit | Mission Complete]-

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