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 The Merchants of Death are our Saviors! [WIP]

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The Merchants of Death are our Saviors! [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: The Merchants of Death are our Saviors! [WIP]   The Merchants of Death are our Saviors! [WIP] EmptySat Dec 26, 2015 1:24 am

10 Year Job
Neutral Request

Name: The Merchants of Death are our Saviors!
Rank: 10 Year Job
Client: President Albert Marivel (CEO of Marivel Heavy Industries)
Target: The Dragon Eater
Reward: 12000 EXP & 70000J
Details: May only be taken upon completion of either Takedown of the Merchants of Death pt 4 (Legal Guild Request) or The Merchants of Death pt 4 (Dark Guild Request).

I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you responded to this request.  It's extremely urgent.  I know that our company may have been at odds with the Legal Guilds, but we direly need your help.  A terrifying creature that we came to know as 'The Dragon Eater' had exited a portal near The Badlands and is making it's way towards the Capital Crocus.  Your current objective is to stop it at the Badlands!  

To combat this menace, Marivel Heavy Industries has developed a new prototype since the Legal Guilds made it a point to destroy our Steel Dragon Unit.  You will be equipped with the prototype:  Prometheus
Prometheus Stats

However, once you take it down to 33% of it's HP, it will dig underground only to unearth itself in Balsam.  Once in Balsam, it will start to cause destruction within the town, killing people indiscriminately with it's explosive breath and attempt to destroy the infrastructure with it.  Intercept the creature at Balsam and fend it off.  

Once the creature takes 66% of it's HP, it will dig underground once again only to unearth itself in Capital Crocus, just in front of the Castle.  It will begin to mouth the castle and begin dismantling the building.  You will encounter mages who try to fend off the creature, only for them to be blown away by it's explosive breath.  The creature is at it's final destination.  You MUST fight the creature and protect the capital.  

Once you have dealt 100% HP damage to it, a strange man in red will appear and send the creature through a strange portal.  Without saying a word, he vanishes.  

Mysterious Man in Red

The Dragon Eater Information

**NOTE:  This job does require traveling during the request.  In order to travel to the request area (The Badlands) you must follow the travel rules.  However, upon reaching the badlands, all travel can be done without use of the dice.  The words in the travel posts DO count towards the job WC minimum (as long as your traveling has something to do with the job itself).  

**NOTE:  While traveling may put you at or near the WC minimum, you MUST fight the creature in all 3 locations before ending the request.
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The Merchants of Death are our Saviors! [WIP]
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