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In Earthland, there is an organized system that Guilds utilize to intermediate requests, which Mages are able to partake in and receive reimbursement, most commonly by gold, upon completion. Requests all vary in difficulty and are divided into different ranks and are divided as such in order to have mages distinguish the level of difficulty involved within the request and in turn, assist a mage in selecting a request that is convenient of their capability.

Requests can also be taken with a team of mages (of the same guild or same guild alliance) in order to reduce the danger level. The amount of words required can be split over the amount of mages taking the request, however the same does not go for the rewards, these are also handed out to each mage in the team. (Teams are limited depending on the level of the mission, for D-C ranked missions, it is a max of two mages. For B+ missions, it is a max of 4 mages.)

(Members may take on a request one above their rank, except S to 100 year requests, only S ranks may take those)

D-Class Request:
Words: 500 Words
Reward: 1000 EXP & 3000J

C-Class Request:
Words: 1000 Words
Reward: 2000 EXP & 5000J

B-Class Request:
Words: 2000 Words
Reward: 3000 EXP & 8000J

A-Class Request:
Words: 3000 Words
Reward: 4500 EXP & 15000J

S-Class Request:
Requirements: At least S rank.
Words: 5000 Words
Reward: 6000 EXP & 30000J

SS-Class Request
Words: 8000 Words
Reward: 10000 EXP & 50000J

10-Years Request
Words: 10000 Words
Reward: 12000 EXP & 70000J

100-Years Request
Words: 15000 Words
Reward: 15000 EXP & 100000J
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