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 Kazuki's Dossier

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Kazuki Kobayashi

Kazuki Kobayashi

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PostSubject: Kazuki's Dossier   Kazuki's Dossier EmptyTue Dec 15, 2015 12:32 pm

Kazuki's Dossier Tales_of_xillia_alvin_by_link111234-d3lk32e

"It’s so much easier to believe that only your own thoughts and beliefs are absolutely correct."

Character Applications:
- Kazuki Kobayashi

- Fire Dragon's Wreath (D)
- Fire Dragon's Protection (C)
- Fire Dragon's Gaze (D)
- Fire Dragon's Rage (C)
- Fire Dragon's Slash (C)
- Fire Dragon's Wing Attack (C)
- Fire Dragon's Arrow (C)
- Fire Dragon's Shoryuken (C)
- Fire Dragon's Slide (C)
- Fire Dragon's Arrogance (C)
- Flames of Emotion (B)
- Premature Detonation (B)
- Fire Dragon's Roar (B)
- Fire Dragon's Fury (B)
- Dragon Slayer Secret Art - Crimson Lotus: Dragon Fist (B)
- Dragon Slayer Secret Art - Crimson Lotus: Fire Bat (B)
- Fire Dragon's Slip (B)
- Fire Dragon's Brilliant Desolation (A)
- Fire Dragon's Grip Strike (A)
- Fire Dragon's Silent Rage (A)

- None

- None

Ongoing Requests:
- 00 Wizards

Finished Requests:
- The Worst in all of Us

Ongoing Miscellaneous Threads:
- It's Party Time
- When Worlds Collide
- Take Two

Finished Threads:
- Tale of Two Dragon
- A Gift From Balsam
- Tale of the Twin Dragons
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Kazuki's Dossier
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