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PostSubject: Site / Chatbox Rules   Site / Chatbox Rules EmptyWed Jun 24, 2015 11:00 am

1. Be respectful. There will be no racial slurs, no name calling (that isn't in jest), and no belittling of someone for their RP skill. This is meant to be a fun site, let's keep things friendly.

2. Do not mess with the coding within the Chatbox or site. Doing so will result in a ban, no questions asked.

3. If asked, or told, to stop doing something by a moderator, please cease that action. The moderators are here to police and keep the peace. Don't argue with the mods, as this will only cause strife. That being said, if you have a problem, or feel that you were wrongly accused feel free to contact another mod or admin.

4. Do not double post. Mods have a tough time of having to go through and look at multiple magics, characters, and items. They'll try to get to stuff in a timely manner, and double posting them only slows them down.

5. Feel free to ask for a review of characters or magic in the chatbox, but be within reason and don't hound the mods. Mods are people too, after all, so try greeting them before shoving your character application down their throat!

6. Sexual relations in threads should be handled with taste and dignity, that is, a fade to black scene should be used. No posting of graphic scenes or pornography of any kind. Kissing and hugging is fine. But if clothes start flying, fade it.

7. God modding. This is defined as dodging every single move a character throws at you, or stating that you take no damage from an attack, etc. Essentially, making or acting like your character is unbeatable. Nobody is, and some of the best story progression comes from being beaten--only to come back and win!

8. Calling in a mod. At times, fights will require a mod to come in and make a judgment. Whatever that judgment is, do not bash or down talk a mod. They will try and resolve things in a fair, timely manner. May the odds be ever in your favor.

9. Profanity. Profanity is allowed, but keep it to a minimum if possible. So long as people aren't dropping f-bombs every single sentence in the chatbox, or in character, we'll be alright. If you're asked to stop, just tone it down a bit.

10. Face Claims are mandatory. If the face claim you choose is being used, find another. The exception to this rule is as such: if the character using the face claim has gone inactive with no notification, or it is being used by an character. For those gone inactive, they will be stripped and you can take the face claim. For alts, we will contact the owned and talk to them. This will not always result in you getting the face claim, depending on how active that alt is. Face claims used by NPCs can be claimed if the NPC dies.

11. You may be in a maximum of 5 threads at any given time. It can be 4 social and one Request, or 4 training topics and 1 Request, or any combination of the two. You cannot, however, take more than 1 request at a time.

12. And last but not least, fun is mandatory. There is no exception.
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Site / Chatbox Rules
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