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 Metropolis [Open, Training]

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PostSubject: Metropolis [Open, Training]   Metropolis [Open, Training] EmptyTue Mar 01, 2016 3:35 am

The roads were busy, these days. Filled with rushing people from here and there, each striving for a goal. Some of them stepped into each other and, despite the coincidence, became familiars. All of a sudden, familiars; or rather, friends. But isn’t that a purpose? Well, maybe for Raiken today, as he was resting under the lotus tree. Peace and rest surrounded him under the lotus tree…

“You’re so bored, you know that?” a familiar, dark voice spoke, “Why are you just lazing off, when you can use the time to train?” Rengoku was all about training non-stop, but that didn’t suit Raiken. “Come on, you need a rest like this once in a while…” Raiken replied with an almost sleepy voice. The brilliant, colorful leaves soared down from the tree crown, establishing the perfect resting place that he barely wanted to leave right now. “You’ve done nothing but looking up in the air for hours; get up, would you!?” Rengoku began to rebuke him, due to the heavy, bored atmosphere that surrounded him, but not Raiken. His voice was loud enough to be heard from far away, and enough to startle his fellow. “Alright, alright… I did promise you back then, anyways…” he murmured and slowly stood on his feet. He proceeded to walk away from the lotus tree and straight into the densely packed roads of Magnolia…

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Metropolis [Open, Training]
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