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 Sometimes Darkness Lies in the Light { The Worst in all of Us || A Rank Job}

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Sometimes Darkness Lies in the Light { The Worst in all of Us || A Rank Job} Empty
PostSubject: Sometimes Darkness Lies in the Light { The Worst in all of Us || A Rank Job}   Sometimes Darkness Lies in the Light { The Worst in all of Us || A Rank Job} EmptyTue Feb 09, 2016 11:28 pm

Delicate fingers grasped the harsh texture of pressed paper, eyes scanning over the words as Tyriel read the provided information. So many questions filled her mind as she mouthed the words that formed the request. Questions such as; How did this end up in her dorm? Who was it that sent it? Was this a request issued by Knuckles? Once more her glistening amethyst colored eyes took in the details on the pages.

To Whom It May Concern.

It has come to my attention that there is an ancient artifact that resides on my property.
Just south of Balsam, in the farthest reaches of my residence is a waterfall, and behind that massive amount of water is a cave.
This cave is known to house a few small beasts but nothing as frightening as this.
It is a mirror, and each mercenary I send in there, has never returned. I am unaware of it's power, but the only one that can remove it is a Mage of your caliber.
I will award you with Gold if you manage to shatter the mirror.

~ Madam Lerogue

There was also a listed address, as well as a given amount of Jewels that would be awarded to the woman. Her eyes grew wide and her cheeks flushed slightly at the promised money in return for destroying the artifact.

Biting the bottom of her lip, Tyriel contemplated on whether or not she was capable of such a feat by herself. Surely this letter was meant for someone else and only happened to make it's way into her hands by accident.
But what if it wasn't?

There was a deep echoing sound in her ears as she stared at the paper with an empty expression. Her eyes were void of all emotion as she progressed into thought, slowly her psyche taking over as she doubted her own self.
There was people that believed in her surely, Bando, Knuckles. They told her about achieving greatness, and that it only took hard work and dedication. But couldn't she die? Was she really afraid of death? Dead like her family...

Her heart beat hard as she forced herself back into reality. Letting a gasp slip past her lips in a struggle for air.
There was a soft bird's song outside her window, resting in the tree that grew right past the glass pane. She smiled softly, her garden was flourishing nicely due to the effort and time she invested in its care. Perhaps she could complete this task, especially if she dedicated herself to the job like she did her garden. Either that or she would die trying.
Tyriel slipped the paper into her shoulder bag before stepping from her room. She did not say good bye to the things she would miss, or the people she would leave behind. Because in her head, she did not expect this to be the end. That would be giving up before actually trying.

Her face was a bit flushed from the long walk but she finally set her sights on the waterfall and her eyes filled with awe. It ran into a large pool that was the mouth of a vast and rapid river, the water crashing into the mossy rocks that made up its exterior. There was a faint scent of damp earth that hung on the air and Tyriel swooned at the image before her. She was one with nature and this place was peaceful; so it was a shame she would have to fight some form of evil here.

Pushing forward she headed for the waterfall, being careful not to slip on the rocks she found a pathway that lead behind the large running water. It was a good thing she wore appropriate clothing for this trip, seeing as she got a bit wet from the droplets that felt cause to dampen her hair and skin.
She wore tall brown leather boots, that curved over her knee caps, and black pants that were tucked into her foot wear. To match she had on a white long sleeve shirt and leather jacket. It was also a good thing she wore a jacket cause it was chilly in the cave.
There was something however, that she forgot to bring... some form of light, and it was getting darker and darker in the cave as she progressed past the stalagmites.

Tyriel was forced to hug the wall, her hands running over the smooth and freezing make up of the dark cave. It was the only way she would be able to prevent from getting lost in the depths, she made sure to head only forward, avoiding all turns.
There was a few thoughts that crossed her mind at this time, especially at the sound of bats screeching in the distance.
Perhaps each mercenary died because they got lost? Perhaps they died from being eaten!

Her heart raced in fear as she picked up the pace, her breathing was ragged

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Sometimes Darkness Lies in the Light { The Worst in all of Us || A Rank Job}
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