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 Flashbacks of the Past

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A light rain fell upon Worth Woodsea. Hidden in a cave by the thick brush of the forest a girl and a dragon sat there. The girl sighed before placing her face in her hands. “I hate rainy days. I hate them so much.” The girl said before she shifted in her seat and buried her face in the dragon’s large scales.

“Was it because of the incident that happened the year ago? I apologize for what I did, however in my defense they were going to kill me. Well at least attempt to. As we both know a dragon cannot be killed unless by dragon slayer magic. I know it can be tough losing your parents Ami, however I can be a stand in mother for you if you’d like.” A soothing voice came from the direction of the dragon as she snuggled the young teen closer towards her.

“That’s not it Shadragosa. Plus I see you more like my older sister. You can never be my mother anyways with your spunky personality.” The girl, Ami said with a slight chuckle. “I guess what I’m feeling can be connected to the deaths of my mother and father since after all they died on a rainy day, however it isn’t it. I guess it’s just coming to terms on the girl I used to be. I’m still trying to figure out what’s right and wrong in this world.” She picked up a rock right next her and tossed it against the wall. The stone emit a large sound.

“Why don’t you just ask? I’ve been alive far longer than you have and I know this world pretty well. I know what’s good and what’s bad. The morals you’ve been raised with are twisted and to put it simply wrong. That’s why I want to reeducate you so the world can finally accept you as one of her own.”

Ami hesitated before she asked. “Murdering people is bad right? I’ve been raised to do so without even a second thought.” She stood up and walked to a stone and took out what was an extremely rusty sword, incapable of doing any more damage before continuing. “I’ve had taken so many lives of innocents with this sword. Men, woman, children…. All of these people were innocents yet I had taken the lives of so many.” She began to trail off, her voice now emotionless.

“That is correct Ami. Murder is the act of taking a person’s life. You see life is a gift, and taking one away is like stealing which is also taboo. Never attempt to do so again unless you are either in grave danger or you must do so.” Shadragosa said in a calm voice. To the giant dragon’s shock Ami suddenly broke down in tears
“I can’t control myself Shadragosa. You saw me. When we train I always go for the kill. I attack mercilessly. When I fight I turn into a monster. I don’t know how to control this monster. That part of me is a reminder that I used to be that monster for most of my life. I try, but I just can’t. Help me please, help me defeat this monster.” She said collapsing to the ground.

“I’m afraid I can’t Ami. You see in this world there are good shadows and evil shadows. The power I wish to teach you are the good shadows, the ones you will use to help the world. However there are also evil shadows that haunt you. Those are reminisces of your past, reminders of the person you used to be. I unfortunately simply teach you how to use good shadows. I cannot teach you how to banish your own inner demons. That is what you must figure out yourself. Ami, only you are capable of defeating the monster that is yourself. One day you will face off against yourself. Remember my words Ami. You aren’t her. You aren’t Ami Fukui, the girl who took countless of lives. You’re Ami, the shadow who wishes to find redemption against her past so she can help the world.” The dragon said, her voice solemn with seriousness.

“But how? My question is how? I get so many flashbacks, and sometimes she just comes in intervals.” She said with a shake of her head. “That girl whom you call an evil shadow is me. You took in an evil shadow as your disciple.”

“No, I took in Ami as my disciple. The young, teasing teenage girl who has severe anger issues and gets angry at everything in her sight.” Ami felt a silent smile trail upon herself

“Hey I don’t have anger issues nor do I get angry at everything I look at.” Ami said with an angry huff, unaware she just confirmed what Shadragosa said. “I just well, get annoyed really easily.”

The shadow dragon let out a silent laugh before she continued in a calm voice.“Ami is not an evil, heartless person who kills without a second thought. No she is the opposite. She is kind, and loving to those around her. She spreads love not death. One day she will have an important role in this world. One day she will be able to figure out how to banish her inner demon once and for all.”

“Do you really believe that?”
Ami asked incredulously. “That someone like me can actually change for the better. I can actually one day be a good person that can help the world?”

“Ask yourself this question, never forget. ‘Do you believe the worst person can change… That everyone can be a good person if they just try?’ When you figure out the answer know that it will always be correct. That question is not a simple yes or no question. Its testing the very limits of who you are and trying to bring it out for view so everyone may see it. Remember, the journey towards redemption will never be easy. Life will throw you many curve balls. You need to hit them with rigor and determination.”

“How about those who won’t accept me? There will  be people out there who will not like who I am. People currently think I’m dead and rejoicing over that fact. When people learn I was alive after all this time. They’re not going to react that well.”

“Don’t fret. There are people who won’t accept who you are now and those who will. Focus on the better and let you shape who you are today. Don’t let their views damage you. Now Ami I’m pretty sure the rain has stopped. Are you ready for our daily lessons?” Shadragosa said with a smile.

“I am now. I guess you’re right about everything. I want to thank you first, though. Thanks for this advice big sister.” Ami said with a smirk as the two left the cave to continue their daily routine together.

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