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 I want my money! [Solo/mission]

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PostSubject: I want my money! [Solo/mission]   I want my money! [Solo/mission] EmptySat Jan 09, 2016 7:53 am

Today was going to be a little more active. A particular follow called Jaun wanted her to kidnap her boss daughter because he didn't get payed. Some people might see it as greedy and evil to kidnap someone for money, but at least he didn't asked to kill someone, which is a lot more reasonable that other requests she had seen. Maybe they would all turn out for the better of it, or maybe someone actually got hurt or died? It was times like these that shaped the future. Now what did she know? There was this average Joe who was a mage hired to defend the girl. That meant trouble, but Alice had confidence that she would be able to handle the mage.

She had observed them some days prior today. It was simple. The man would bring the young lady home after school. During this the man would never leave the girls side. So there was only one option: Alice had to make sure Joe would not be the one to pick the girl. That would be Alice herself. Her first step thus would be to defeat the guardian while school was busy, so he wouldn't turn up at the school.

An hour before school ended she would seek up this Joe. He himself lived in a different area of Oak Town. Of course he couldn't pay the costs of living in the kind of house her target was living in. Once she found it she knocked on the door. She doubted this would work, but that didn't mean she couldn't try.

"Yes, with what can I help you?"An really completely unremarkable average looking person opened the door. Well, so much for expecting a very powerful mage.

"I guess it's too much to ask not to get Rachael today." She said in her most innocent voice. Of course, the man didn't bought this at all.

"It is, anyway, how do you know about this? What are you up to?" He asked with increasing rising voice. Of course he was getting angry. She besically asked him to shirk his duties and to let her do as she pleases.

"None, of your business, but I guess that settles it then." She said as a gauntlet appeared in her left hand and and a sword in her right. Without even giving the man time to react her slash hit the man from left shower down till the right bottom of his torso. A devastating attack from any weapon. The man was lucky that she held herself back a bit, not to kill him in one hit. Still a lot of blood was leaping out of his torso heavily.

""You... bitch! He said as an earth wall was pulled up in front of the door. After all the trouble Alice went through not to break down the house to much. Oh well. She punched the wall once with her iron gauntlet. It cracked a little. She punched again, the crack became bigger. She gave it one punch with all of her strength and the wall opened entirely. By the time Alice had cleared the wall the man was already standing back up, using earth to cover most of the wound to prevent to much blood loss.

"Please understand... I have no desire to mess up your home or to beat you up like this. It's just my job today." She said as she entered, A large piece of earth instead was slang her way. She decided to punch it down with her gauntlet. Which seemed to make a crack her gauntlet this time. Still ready for work though. It seemed she wasn't going to finish here as long as this guy was still walking around.

Still she had to hurry up. She couldn't let the little girl wait for long couldn't she. Though, this guy seemed to be near his limits. That attack from earlier was a technique designed to kill a target in one hit. If he wasn't as tough as he was he would probably have died from it.

He wouldn't give up though, but suddenly Alice felt unable to move. Darn, a trap? He probably set this one up after creating a wall before his own door. Earth gathered itself around Alice her feet and kept her in place.

"Must... get... Rachael... to safety..." He said as he walked to the door in a crawling pace. Meanwhile Alice tried break free, but it was no use. The stones refused to budge.

After a few seconds though they became looser, probably because the man was getting further and further away, and therefore his power here was dwindling. It didn't take long for Alice to break free from her prison.

Now, towards the school. Alice started to run towards the building. Once arriving there she could see Joe waiting for School to end, which wouldn't be to long by now. Luckily there was no one else around for now. Alice ran towards the man and pierced her sword inside his torso from behind. The man turned around and saw fearfully that Alice had escaped, and what she had done.

No... No way... After which he fell on the ground. Alice quickly decided to stash his body in an side allay somewhere. After that she analyzed his wounds. They were hard, but she missed vital organs. Some healing magic or medicine and some rest should heal him. He was very much alive at least. Now for her real target. She requiped her gauntlet and sword both away. She wouldn't need them from here on on.

After a few minutes young Rachael left the school looking around for Joe, but a sad face immediately formed on her face once she realized he wasn't here. Apparently he never was late. Alice inspected the girl before moving in. Sadly she was a little to young for Alice her tastes. She decided not to beat around the bush.

"Little girl... Come with me. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. That is if you comply." Alice said as intimidating as she could. She could look a lot more intimidating with her equipment, but now she was downright scary as well. The girl looked around, but realized that help would not come. She turned around to run away. Alice was faster though, she grabbed the girls arm before she could make a second step.

"Don't... you will regret that." She said as she pulled the other girl back towards herself. After which lifted her from the ground and moved her. Any further resistance was quickly stopped by Alice keeping a hard grip on the girls hand.

"S..Stop... you're crushing it!" Was the girls reaction.

"You coming with me then?" Alice asked, very angrily. Of course, she wasn't really angry. She just did like she was to get the girl to come with her. The girl looked around once more before answering.

"A...Alright... but what about Joe?" Rachael asked.

"He'll be fine. Worry about yourself for now." Alice firmly told the girl once she pulled Rachael with her. The girl didn't try to run away anymore.

Later they arrived at the house. She delivered the girl to her client, who assured her that she will be delivered back at her parents home after their business was concluded. After this it was time for Alice to get her reward.
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I want my money! [Solo/mission]
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