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 The Merchants of Death pt 1 [Mission|Braykko]

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The Merchants of Death pt 1 [Mission|Braykko] Empty
PostSubject: The Merchants of Death pt 1 [Mission|Braykko]   The Merchants of Death pt 1 [Mission|Braykko] EmptyTue Jan 05, 2016 9:41 am

Hargeon City, you could smell the salt in the air. Hell you could smell the salt in the people. Something made these people bitter and angry, well at least the 5 Ash had her eyes on. She sat inside a waiting room, while she waited for her client to show up. From high up in the business tower she could see the protesters cry out for justice. Little shits were probably out of job hippy liberals who no mindset for business opportunities. Truth be told, Ash quite didn't care for the morale standings for her clients company.

Marivel Heavy Industries, technology company by day and a weapons research and manufacturer to those who had the coin and pocket. The building was state of the at to say the least. Quite, cooled by Lachrima Air-Conditioning. It wasn't quite cold but breezy which Ash could enjoy. She sat down on a coach as she still faced the large windows towards the outside world.

She stretched out her body feeling the light rush it came with it. She smiled to herself in satisfaction. She had seen the floor guard look at her. It wasn't easy being such a sexy person. Dressed for a the port town, in a black bikini, a red checkered shirt tied to reveal her smooth and built stomach and navel. Simple blue short jeans and sandals to complete her attire.

She waited for her client and job Partner, quite yet unacquainted but all she knew he used gun magic while she used sword magic. Opposite ends but I guess they could compliment each other. Ash held her holder sword Mugen in her Left hand.

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The Merchants of Death pt 1 [Mission|Braykko]
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