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PostSubject: First Day [D Rank Solo]   First Day [D Rank Solo] EmptySun Dec 27, 2015 9:34 pm

Zork was put on an errand his very first day in the Blue Pegasus guild.  His job was to retrieve laundry from the cleaners in town.  The fact that they were understaffed and made Zork retrieve the laundry made him feel important.  "Oh boy, Oh boy, ribbit!  My first job for the guild!  And I get to do something as important as getting their clean clothes from the cleaners!  Ribbit!" Zork said with earnest enthusiasm.  His voice was high pitched like an Exceed's; hence the confusion between himself and an Exceed.  

Walking to the cleaners, Zork waddled back and forth, having left his heavy blade back at the guild.  For a job as simple as retrieving clothing, he didn't feel the need to bring his weapon.  The door to the cleaners opened up, causing a bell to ring.  Zork walked up to the counter and stopped in front of it.  Unfortunately, the counter sat about 4 feet high, completely covering the little frog.  The woman who owned the cleaners poked her head out to the main shop to see that there weren't any customers there.  A little murmur could be heard before she went back to doing what she was doing.  

Zork waited patiently, very patiently.  It had been about an hour without the woman having noticed him.  Turning around, he noticed someone else walk in and looked at the frog for a moment before stepping forward.  The new person made their order and dropped off some clothes.  Afterward, they were given a date to pick up their clothes before they left.  Zork sat there patiently for another 15 minutes before squeaking out, "Hello ma'am!  Ribbit!" he said in his high pitched voice.  

This caused the woman to poke her head back out and looked around.  "I swear I just heard a voice."

"Right here, ma'am!  Ribbit!" he said as he hopped up and down, waving his hands in the air.  His little hands barely reached over the counter top.  This caused the large woman to lean over the counter towards the little frog.  

"Oh, hello there!  How can I help you, little frog?"

"I'm not a frog, ma'am.  Ribbit!  I'm a human.  Ribbit!" he replied.  Indeed, he thought himself as a human being and not a simple frog.  He was raised by humans, thus he believed he was one.  He was too stupid to accept the fact that he's actually a frog.

"I came to pick up the Blue Pegasus laundry.  Ribbit!" he said before the woman laughed and nodded her head.  "Well, it's a big bag, I hope you can carry it."  "I'll most certainly try, ma'am!  Ribbit!" he said before the woman disappeared towards the back for a moment only to reappear with a large bag of laundry.  The bag was bigger than he was by about three-fold.  

"Don't worry, hunny.  It was paid for ahead of time.  Good luck with it," she said as the bag of laundry rolled onto Zork.  With his arms spread out trying to catch the load of laundry the entire bag fell on him.  A little groan could be heard on impact.  This caused the woman behind the counter to gasp a bit.  She walked around to help pick up the bag only for it to rise a little bit.

A muffled voice came from the sack of clothing.  "Can you get the door please, ma'am? Ribbit!" Zork asked before the woman opened up the door with Zork slowly walking towards the door, only to be stopped by the door jam.  The bag walked backwards and walked into the door jam again.  The bag did this once more until it successfully walked out.  

"Be careful, little guy and have a good day!" the woman stated before the bag said with a muffled voice.  "Thank you, ma'am!  Ribbit!" The bag continued it's way back to the guild, getting strange looks.  But with enough time and determination, the bag of clean clothes was tossed to the ground with the little frog leaning against it to catch his breath.  

"There you go!  Ribbit!  Mission accomplished!  Ribbit!"

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First Day [D Rank Solo]
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