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 You Shall be My Blade (Private)

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Lord Xazsam


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PostSubject: You Shall be My Blade (Private)   Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:02 pm

There was hardly any wind blowing, or at least none that Lord Xazsam could feel on his nearly senseless skin. The guild master of Oblivions Truth was an impatient being as he sat in his custom made throne. The only resource around him was stone, so whilst he waited for his inferior he simply created a place to rest. Normally he would have left, waiting more than five minutes for anyone was already showing how serious the situation at hand was. Oblivions Truth was weak in its current state, but he had recently gained an ability that could grant one more power than they could have ever imagined with a simple blood donation, and that was what he had been doing in this dreadful forest. It was too close to Fairy Tail, a guild he had almost too much disgust for. Two creatures stood beside the stone throne occupied by the body of Xazsam, waiting for a moment where they could use their abilities. The waters beside him remained still as he channeled mana into the ground, halting the tiny waves created by the light breezes. The little things often annoyed him, so it was quite easy to get on his bad side. Releasing a breath of air, the guild master clearly sensed his underling approaching the area at moderate walking speed. Xazsam waited this long, he will obtain the right to this world.
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PostSubject: Re: You Shall be My Blade (Private)   Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:03 pm

Hakai walked proudly into the forest, his mind calmed, only waiting until he could meet with the master of the guild he was in; Oblivions Truth. It was common knowledge that the master wasn't always around, but when he was it would be for a good reason. Hakai has spent these past years with Oblivions Truth, the only reason he belonged to this guild is because his loyalty lies to deep with Lord Xazsam. This man found him hopeless, young and homeless on the streets. Still, despite his relationship with Xazsam, he could never really trust him. He always felt something foul in his heart, so Nazaki decided to flip the script. Nazaki was not a tool, and his goal was the most important goal, the world needed him and so he would do anything necessary to obtain power. Finally, Hakai stood in front of his guild master. The white haired maled smirked and looked up at Lord Xazsam, "Lord Xazsam, nice to see ya."
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You Shall be My Blade (Private)
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